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How is jose fernandez girlfriend

how is jose fernandez girlfriend

penelope fernandez arias instagram. The girlfriend of late Miami Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez gave birth to a girl on Friday. Maria Arias gave birth to Penelope. The pitcher and his girlfriend chose. Jose Fernandez's Girlfriend Talks About Their Newborn Daughter and Keeping His Legacy Alive: 'His Absence Just Feels So Heavy'. After the. how is jose fernandez girlfriend

How is jose fernandez girlfriend -

Maria Arias, who raises their only daughter Penelope Fernandez, says her first impression of Jose Fernandez was "a center of attention type guy," and that was a major turn off for Arias, who says she is not fond of attention herself. Everyone knew how excited he was to be a dad, he made sure of it. Cocaine was found in Fernandez's body at the time of the wreck. In fact, Arias reveals that the Marlins' pitcher was the one who chose the name for Penelope Fernandez, after a famous Spanish song. Advertisement Fernandez's girlfriend was pregnant with his daughter at the time of his death. Jose Fernanedez, 24, died in how is jose fernandez girlfriend boating accident off of the South Beach jetty on Sunday September 25, He finished his career with a record and strikeouts in 76 appearances. You know, that's not what Maria's baby will have, that's not what her [Gomez Fernandez's] granddaughter will have, that's not where they were. Just several weeks before his death, Jose Fernandez and Maria Arias went to a clinic and found out they were having a baby girl. That's when the two became friends and eventually fell in love. Their families have field a wrongful death lawsuit against the estate.

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