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Us bank reliacard scam

us bank reliacard scam

It was a US Bank ReliaCard, the card that more than a dozen states use for unemployment benefits, including Ohio. "At first I thought it was my. Any information, such as phone number and email address, provided to U.S. Bank this way will be utilized for purposes of fraud investigation only. We encourage. The U.S. Bank Reliacard is a pre-paid debit card used for government disbursements mailboxes across Ohio as a result of massive nationwide fraud schemes.

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Us bank reliacard scam -

Savage says the full extent of the fraud may not be known until early next year, when unsuspecting fraud victims may see benefits they never received counted as earnings on their taxes. The Federal Trade Commission says don't simply cut it up or toss it away. They recommend some important steps for anyone who receives one of these cards. It is time consuming. If you know of a community need our call center could address, or have a story idea for our investigative team to pursue, please email us at contact7 thedenverchannel. Bank, landed in her mailbox almost a month after her boss alerted her to a notice from the Massachusetts Department of Unemployment Assistance DUA. If you receive a card in the mail and did not request one, you should deactivate it immediately. us bank reliacard scam

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