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Deutsche bank bonus news

deutsche bank bonus news

If you don't like your bonus at Deutsche Bank today, should you flounce out without another job to go? Probably not, but the reappearance of. [FRANKFURT] Deutsche Bank scaled back plans for its bonus pool after of more than 10 per cent for , Bloomberg News has reported. FRANKFURT, Jan 19 (Reuters) - Deutsche Bank is aiming to pay bankers billion euros ($ billion) in bonuses for , a sharp increase.

Deutsche bank bonus news -

It is not convincing that employees would flee in droves to London or overseas if more down-to-earth salaries were paid in Europe. An earlier version corrected the second paragraph to show Szukalski is a former representative on supervisory board. Galactic salaries are still being paid from middle management upwards, and lavish bonuses are taken for granted. Supervisors must put the breaks on this. At the same time, the firm is locked in a drawn-out conflict with staff over pay at its call center subsidiary DB Direkt. deutsche bank bonus news

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