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Santander finance telephone number

santander finance telephone number

Please feel free to contact us in the following ways that is most convenient for you​. Phone Numbers. Customer Service. () Hours (Central Time Zone)​. Customer Service. FAQ Additionally, Santander Consumer USA has an outstanding website at that provides access to a number of resources including: ▻ 'My Account page' where you can manage many tasks. On this page you can access the list of Banco Santander's contacts. del Monte MADRID-SPAIN. Phone: +34 91 65 14 [email protected]

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  1. Rajesh Sharma

    kia sas me signature change kia ja sakta hai.



  3. sunil gadge

    I am trying out Ally Bank right now for their checking account. I want to see how it does compared to Wells Fargo which I haven’t closed just yet. I’m sad to say that in 2 weeks that I’ve opened the account with Ally, they take FOREEEEEVER to deposit money into your account. Either it being from a bank transfer (which never happened apparently, it failed), or with signing up with Zelle and transfer money to friends (thru Ally, it’s been a nightmare!). It took almost an entire week for $1... ONE DOLLAR to transfer using Zelle to a friend who I normally could send over +$1000 to in seconds with Wells Fargo. Oh yes, receiving money from friends? Pretty quick, sure! But sending money to a friend? Hell no, it takes a week! I got in touch with customer service (which is excellent btw, that I’ll give to them) and there’s nothing that can be done with the speed of transfer. It’s the contract that they have with Zelle apparently. On another note, I want to pay for a membership using Ally (again, my intention is to get rid of Wells Fargo and make Ally my primary checking account), so they use that little security deposit and refund (like 50 cents or a dollar to test out if this is your bank account), and it’s been 4 days and the small test transaction hasn’t gone through! This is why I’m here looking for another bank alternative because so far when it comes to Ally for moving money FAST, it just doesnt happen. I’m truly disappointed. What if there’s an emergency and I need to transfer funds to my mom real quick, I have no problem using Wells Fargo/Zelle platform in a pinch and she’ll get it in seconds. We’d all die if I have to wait 1 week to transfer any emergency funds like $20 or anything using Ally. It’s ridiculous. I’ll be doing my research into So-Fi or Capital One. If anyone has any experience with transferring money with those 2 banks, let me know. I’d greatly appreciate it.

  4. Prodip Das

    ATM details koduthal accountil ninnu cash valikumo ? Ath safe ano

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